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Pure's Verification Process
Pure's Verification Process

A Detailed Look at Our Comprehensive Authentication System

Written by Trey Benedict
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At Pure, we understand the critical importance of authenticity and security in the trading of rare coins, precious metals, and numismatic collectibles. To uphold these values, we've established a network of secure depositories across various locations. This guide will delve into our detailed verification process, highlighting how our extensive network ensures the highest standards of authentication for every item on our platform.

The Global Network of Secure Depositories

  • Widespread Accessibility: Our network of depositories expands across multiple regions, providing sellers with accessible locations for shipping their items.

  • Uniform Standards of Verification: Each depository in our network follows the same rigorous standards and procedures, ensuring consistency in our authentication process regardless of location.

Step-by-Step Verification Process

1. Shipping to a Nearby Depository

  • Convenient and Secure Shipping: Sellers send their items to the nearest depository within our network, ensuring a swift and secure transit.

2. XRF Analysis for Material Verification

  • Non-Destructive Testing: Items undergo X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis at the depository to ascertain their material composition accurately. This is crucial for verifying the purity and authenticity of precious metals.

3. Recorded Unboxing Under Surveillance

  • Documented Inspection Process: Each item is unboxed and inspected under high-resolution camera surveillance, providing a transparent and recorded account of its condition upon arrival.

4. Utilizing Advanced Technologies

  • Innovative Authentication Methods: The depositories employ advanced technologies such as machine learning and computer vision. These methods enable detailed and accurate analysis of each item, enhancing the ability to verify authenticity and detect forgeries.

5. Expert Human Analysis

  • Skilled Expert Inspection: Alongside technological tools, experienced professionals at each depository conduct a thorough manual inspection, combining their expertise with technology for a comprehensive authentication process.

Ensuring Safe Delivery Post-Verification

  • Insured Shipping to Buyers: After verification, items are securely and insuredly shipped to buyers. This final step guarantees that the item reaches its destination safely and matches the verified condition.

The Pure Guarantee

  • Assurance of Authenticity: Every item that passes through our verification process is backed by the Pure Guarantee. This assurance affirms the item's authenticity and quality, fostering trust in the transaction.


Pure's network of secure depositories is integral to our commitment to authenticity and security. This global network allows for efficient and reliable verification, ensuring that every item traded on our platform meets the highest standards. Our blend of advanced technology and expert analysis, coupled with the convenience and consistency of our depository network, provides an unparalleled level of assurance in the trading of rare coins and precious metals. With Pure, both buyers and sellers can engage in transactions with confidence, backed by our robust verification process and the Pure Guarantee.

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